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The B-sides

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...for joining us last saturday and for helping us build the installation Shadow & Light. We took over 300 pictures !


Shadow & Light is produced by:
Ivan Waumans (@iwaumans)
Manuel Bollue (@Flipchartman)
Dominik De Buyser (@Ddebuyser)
Diederik Van Remoortere (@Dmonkeyjazz)
Jan De Coster (@jandecoster)
Directed by
Jan De Coster

There is no shadow without light and no light without shadow

Shadow & Light is an interactive installation, build during the TEDx Flanders event Instrospection. (20/10/2012)

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What is Light & Shadow about?
Througout the day, we will be creating images of the letters I.N.T.R.O.S.P.E.C.T.I.O.N. using LightScribe and ShadowArt.

Why these techniques?
Even with very little time, you can create beautiful art in a fun way. The results will be shown on the screens during the Shadow & Light sessions.

ShadowArt & LightScribe: how does it work
LightScribe uses a light source (led, flashlight, your tablet or smartphone) to draw forms of light in a darkened space. A camera (with a slow shutter) captures the image. With ShadowArt, you construct a shape with all kinds of materials (like wood f.i.), put a light source on them and get a projection of an amazing structure. There is plenty of cool proof of both creative techniques on the internet.

What's next?
Come back to this site after the event, and we will post the content of the installation here, so you can enjoy the pictures once more, and look for the content you created.

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