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We are the Robots

Slightly Overdone Studio explores the boundaries of Human-Robot Interaction, with contemporary character design in sentient, social and empathic machines.
With special guest : Robovision.

Burning Hot Interactions

Slightly Overdone Studio creates physical interactive installations that can literarly set you on fire, or electrocute you, or kill trill you in some other cool way.

Speaking & Exhibiting

This map shows some some of the coolest places I had to fortune to visit and bring my Robots to. If you think your event should be on this map, don't hesitate to contact me !

Upcoming events

  • Sound of Science 2019
  • Maker Faire Gent 2019
  • Past events include

  • OFFF Barcelona 2018
  • Beyond Tellerrand Düsseldorf 2018
  • FITC Amsterdam 2018
  • Robot Love Embassy, Dutch Design Week
  • Hello Robot, Vitra Campus, Vienna, Ghent
  • Pictoplasma 2016
  • New Realities Lima
  • OFFF Mexico 2015
  • OFFF Barcelona 2015
  • Roboforum Moscow 2015
  • Tasmeem Festival Doha 2015
  • Pixels Festival 2015
  • Multi Mania 2014
  • FITC Amsterdam 2014
  • Pictoplasma 2013
  • Adobe Education Summit Barcelona 2013
  • OFFF Lille 2012
  • Adobe Education Summit Istanbul 2012
  • Monterrey MX
    Mexico City MX
    Talk - Workshop
    Lima PE
    Moscow RU
    Talk - Exhibition
    Doha QT
    Talk - Workshop
    Raseborg FI
    Barcelona CT
    Talk - Workshop
    Berlin DE
    Talk - Exhibition
    Rome IT
    Istanbul TR
    Lille FR
    Belgium and Netherlands
    Talk - Workshop - Exhibit

    Robot School

    We are making robots with creative people, of all ages, all over the world, to show them the future of robot design is in their hands, not solely in the hands of engineers.


    If you are not certain that you can bear the full-time responsability over a robot, renting ons might be a solution for you. You can rent a robot to welcome people, present on stage, give POS information about your product or empty your reactor of depleted uranium.

    About Jan De Coster

    I am making physical interactive installations since 1999. I have worked as and art director and producer for many agencies like BBDO, TBWA and Boondoggle.

    Since 2012 my focus is on Robots and their place in society. I run my studio from my home in Mechelen, Belgium. Since 2013 I also hold a teaching position at Erasmus University College in Brussels.

    Learn more about me with links to interviews on the right or check out my Linked In Profile.


    You can contact me trough most common social media, by clicking the icons on the right.

    E-mail me at
    or call +32/486/139.161.

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