about Jan De Coster

photo by Stefan Nitzsche

I am making physical interactive installations since 1999. I have worked as and art director and producer for many agencies like BBDO, TBWA and Boondoggle. Since 2012 my focus is on Robots and their place in society. I give talks and make exhibitions and workshops.
I run my studio from my home in Mechelen, Belgium.


Call +32/486/139.161

Slightly Overdone Robots, led by visionary founder Jan De Coster,  is a dynamic one-person enterprise that operates at the intersection of art, communication, advertising, education, and public engagement with robotics. This unique company specializes in crafting innovative experiences and narratives around robots, offering a range of services from artistic installations to educational workshops, advertising campaigns, and engaging public events. At the core of its mission is the aim to demystify robotics and make the technology accessible and engaging to a broad audience. Through a creative and multidisciplinary approach, Slightly Overdone Robots not only showcases the potential of robotics in various sectors but also sparks conversations about the future of social robots and their role in society.