Max the robot dog

11/01/2021 | Robots

Max is based on the Spot Micro project.
The Spot Micro is an open source project that is derived from the Spot Mini by Boston Dynamics. This robot is an example for a student assignment. The challenge was to make the robot walk with 12 identical servo’s and an Arduino Uno, within a few weeks of classes. I used a standard RC 4ch controller to give input. In this iteration the robot uses simple Forward Kinematics and a 2 step cycle. It’s comparable to 4 pogo sticks, and shifting balance to change direction. This is not how the real Spot Mini walks. For a smoother movement we need Inverse Kinematics, so that we can calculate the position of each leg in real time. That is next on the schedule.

I have based the 3D prints on the design of Deok-yeon Kim.

Music: Monkey Warhol – Times of our life. Used under Creative Commons license.

This project was part of the course Next Media Maker held at Karel De Grote Hogeschool Antwerpen.