De Peuken Robot

20/10/2021 | Robots

The city of Ghent has a problem with cigarette buds. In Flanders almost half the litter consists of cigarette buds. They take over 15 years to degrade to microplastics and in the meantime they are very toxic to animals. Time for some action. The city of Ghent came up with the idea to create a driving installation that could interact with people on the streets. I created Fons the robot, a friendly character that loves buds, and asks people on the street if they would like to put them inside his ashtray. The tone of the communication is friendly and humoristic, and that is also thanks to the actor who lends his voice to Fons, Robrecht Vanden Thoren.

We created a campaign video on the busy streets of Ghent, and presented the campaign to the press.
You can read more about the rest campaign of the campaign here.

We are planning more campaign days in the city in the near future.

LTR: Jan De Coster – Fons – Thomas De Vos