“Hello Robot” with Vitra

13/02/2017 | Exhibitions

In February 2017 we had the pleasure to attend the opening of the Hello Robot exhibition at the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rein. The exhibit covers a very broad range of robots with, obviously, a strong emphasis on design. It is a very strange feeling to be part of this amazing list names that are all in some part involved in robotics.

The exhibition was created by the Vitra Design Museum together with the MAK museum in Vienna and the Design Museum Ghent.

Robin will be staying with Vitra for several years, while the show travels to different locations. One of the locations will be the Design Museum in Ghent.

You could visit Robin and her friends until the 14th of May 2017, after which they will move to a different location. The rest of the Vitra campus is also well worth a visit. It is a very inspiring environment for anybody interested in design and architecture.