Cows with Drones

26/09/2021 | Installations

In the drone game you have to help the cows to find the tasty grass, using a drone and thermal camera.
12 trays with gras are placed under a “drone” with a thermal camera. There are 3 trays with sprayed grass, and you can detect them due to the temperature difference. The sprayed grass will show stress before it eventually turns brown.
Farmers can use this technology to detect the best conditions for their cattle.

On a scaled down field, players can then place 3 signs to keep the cows away from the bad grass.
When all 3 signs are placed correct, bells start ringing and you can see and hear the joy of cows.

A year ago Henk Rijckaert asked me if I could help him build an amusement park for plants on Agrotopia. The main theme of the festival is science communication about the future of agriculture.
When the country’s most famous maker asks for help, you obviously can’t say no. By the end of September 2021 we could finally present the installations to the public.

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